Helpful tax information for the public has information on health care law & effect on taxes

There is a lot of information in the news and online about the health care law and its effect on your taxes. For the most current answers to questions you may have, visit From the individual shared responsibility provision to the definition of minimum essential coverage, the IRS website covers a wide range […]

Special Tax Benefits for Members of the Armed Forces

Special tax benefits apply to members of the U. S. Armed Forces. For example, some types of pay are not taxable. And special rules may apply to some tax deductions, credits and deadlines. Here are ten of those benefits: 1.¬†Deadline Extensions.¬† Some members of the military, such as those who serve in a combat zone, […]

IRS: Now is the Time for a Mid-Year Premium Tax Credit Checkup

If you have insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace, you may be getting advance payments of the premium tax credit. These are paid directly to your insurance company to lower your monthly premium. Changes in your income or family size may affect your premium tax credit. If your circumstances have changed, the time is right […]

Summer Weddings Mean Tax Changes

Taxes may not be high on your summer wedding plan checklist. But you should be aware of the tax issues that come along with marriage. Here are some basic tips that can help keep those issues to a minimum: ¬† Name change. The names and Social Security numbers on your tax return must match your […]

Five Basic Tax Tips for New Businesses

Five Basic Tax Tips for New Businesses If you start a business, one key to success is to know about your federal tax obligations. You may need to know not only about income taxes but also about payroll taxes. Here are five basic tax tips that can help get your business off to a good […]

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