What to bring to your Tax Appointment:

  • New Clients
  1. Driver License or another form of government picture ID.
  2. Two years of previous tax returns
  • All Clients
  1. Social Security Cards and birth dates for new additions on current year.
  2. Proof of Health insurance for the year, for ALL household members
  3. A check from your bank account marked “void” to use for electronic deposit of refunds or to pay any tax due (only if a change from last year or new client).
  4. W2(s) forms and last pay stubs for each job you held during the year.
  5. 1099(s) forms for interest, dividends, social security, investment sales, unemployment, other income, etc.
  6. Year-end brokerage statements for stocks and mutual funds, etc.
  7. Purchase and sale information (including dates) on any stocks or mutual funds you sold.
  8. Self-Employment income, expense records and reports
  9. Rental income and expense records and reports.
  10. Records or details of any other income received during the year.
  11. Mileage Log for business, job or charitable purposes. Including starting, ending odometer reading and total mileage driven during the year (written mileage logs are MUST for a legal deduction).
  12. IRA and retirement statements.
  13. Records of Medical expenses, property taxes and mortgage interest paid during the year.
  14. Records of cash charitable contributions greater than $250 to any organization made during the year MUST have a receipt from the organization.
  15. Records of non-cash charitable contributions – i.e. Salvation Army, Big Brother, etc.
  16. Records of any job related expenses.
  17. Proof of amount paid for higher education or trade schools (FORM 1098-T).
  18. Child and dependent care info – payments to babysitters, day camps, child care centers. Address and federal ID number of your provider is a requirement to qualify for this deduction.
  19. K1 forms for any Partnerships, LLC’s, S-Corps, Estates, Trusts, etc.
  20. Record of estimated tax payments made for the tax year to either/both State and Federal
  21. Agreement papers if recently separated.
  22. Divorce decree or agreement papers if previously married.
  23. If claiming dependent children that did not live with you, bring FORM 8332 with signature of custodial parent.